List of Elvis' Ailments


"When Elvis died, they said he had drugs in him. He should have had more, the way he suffered in his last few months. With his condition, he was courageous beyond reason if that's all he had in him."

--a friend of Elvis', Dr. Harry Rosenburg

In an NBC network television news report the evening of August 3, 1997, which was a few days prior to the 20th anniversary of Elvis' death, it was stated publicly that Elvis did not die of a drug overdose, but of a massive heart attack. This report also admitted that he had serious physical conditions for which he was forced to take addictive doses of medication, although the program did not go into detail as to the many serious ailments Elvis had at the time of his death. The news segment did say however, that the steroids he was taking for his enlarged colon caused him to have three compression fractures in his spine, and also that at the time of his death, he had the arteries of an 80 year old man. One of his doctors stated that before he died Elvis had worked with the doctors in changing his medication to the point where he was no longer addicted to the prescribed drugs.

The following list of Elvis' ailments have been spoken and/or written about by Elvis' friends (Charlie Hodge, Kathy Westmoreland, Larry Geller, Wanda June Hill, and several others) who have either written about some of these ailments in published books on Elvis, or have given me (Maia) this information personally. I was present at 36 of Elvis' concerts and knew several people around him who kept me informed of his severe health problems.

Despite his condition, it should be noted that from March, 1976 through June of 1977 (two months before his death) Elvis gave a total of 149 stage performance, necessitating that he engage in grueling travel schedules taking him all across the United States



Wanda Hill to Maia Christianne:

He (Elvis) was speaking of "bone marrow" and a form of leukemia at the time and said they were going to transfuse him as he had deformed and many white cells and few red ones. he was very pale at this time and was weak and complained of no strength and severe pain in his bones, especially the legs when he lay down to rest. The headaches he had and the pain he felt in so much of his body, kept him worn out. He also had the severe mid-body pain that doubled him over and he said he'd just as soon "die" as continue that kind of life of pain. He had a live biopsy which showed the liver damage, what was called a tumor, in fact two types of tumor none of which were operable. And he was told it would eventually kill him.




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